If Only the News Told the Truth About Prescription Drugs Like Robin Williams Does in This Video

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Robin Williams was always known more for his outrageous antics than his commentary on issues surrounding topics like health and politics, but like most comedians who speak without a filter, he has the ability to absolutely nail it whenever he does.

Case in point: the following rant he went on in about prescription drugs and the absurd side effects that come with them.

Dozens of comics have offered their own take on drug company side effects but the bit he pulls off at the end is something completely unique, something that is genuinely Robin Williams (like pretty much every he produced in his career).

He also compares the change in attitudes among drugs from era to era, from “Robin, drugs will kill you” to “Robin, you need drugs to live,” as modern day doctors like to claim.

Check out the clip (all rights to the artist and production company) below…and RIP to one of the one and only Robin Williams, one of my favorite childhood comedy stars…



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